Flightpath One – 12″ LP

Flightpath One – 12″ LP


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Track list

Side One

Here On Earth (The Touch)

Dehydration (cry For Reality)

Sacrifice Me (Grasping The Pineappleness)

Strange Town (Ideas In Action)

Lifebuoy Girl (Mechanical Wombats)

More Often Than Not (Bangkok Shock)

Side Two

Closing In (Shy Winds)

Friendly Shadow (Route 5)

Lovely Joan (Rhiannon)

Start Anew (The Rhythm Brothers)

Lonely Boy (Crosstalk)

Omega Man (Hinterland)

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Vulcan Records
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Flightpath One Various Artists Very Rare original Private UK LP released on Vulcan Records in 1984. this LP which is a compilation of Sheffield and surrounding areas groups spanning New Wave Synth, Folk, Indie and Post Punk groups. It features the group Rhiannon who released one Amazing Folk LP as the Birds of Rhiannon on Fellside Records in the 80's which is now a sought after LP. On this LP they cover Lovely Joan by Folkal Point. TRACKS ARE :- Side One 1. The Touch (Worksop) – Here On Earth 2. Cry For Reality (Sheffield) – Dehydration 3. Grasping The Pineappleness (Sheffield) – Sacrifice Me 4. Ideas in Action (Chesterfield) – Strange Town 5. Mechanical Wombats (Barnsley) – Lifebuoy Girl 6. Bangcock Shock (Dronfield) – More Often Than Not Side Two 1. Shy Winds (Chesterfield) – Closing In 2. Route 5 (Chesterfield) – Friendly Shadow 3. Rhiannon (Sheffield) – Lovely Joan 4. The Rhythm Brothers (Chesterfield) – Start Anew 5. Crosstalk (Chesterfield) – Lonely Boy 6. Hinterland (Doncaster) – Omega Man