In Memoriam

Ranking Roger (Roger Charlerey) – 21 February 1963 – 26 March 2019 – Age 56

I remember when The Beat first came onto the scene with “Tears Of A Clown” in 1979 I thought they had ruined a Motown classic, although “Ranking Full Stop” the Double A Side was amazing, I still went out and bought the album “I Just Can’t Stop It” though.

With hits to follow like “Hands Off She’s Mine”, “Mirror In The Bathroom”, “Stand Down Margaret”, “To Nice To Talk Too” and later on their fantastic version of “Can’t Get Used To Losing You”, they quickly became one of the favourite bands of my teenage years.

They are a group I’ve never seen on an actual Tour although I’ve seen Ranking Roger and his Son Ranking Junior perform numerous times over the years on Scooter Rallies around the UK. His energy and the way he could get the crowd joining in, singing and dancing was phenomenal, and I can safely say I’ve never been disappointed with any performance.

He was such a legend and talent of the 2 Tone scene, and from what I’ve heard from friends who’ve spent time with him, a really nice bloke as well. 56 is just no age to go, R.I.P Roger, you will be sadly missed.