Another Girl Another Planet – 12″ Double LP

Another Girl Another Planet – 12″ Double LP


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The Dogs D'Amour
Track list
A1 Kiss This Joint (Uncensored Version)
A2 Planetary Pied Piper
A3 Loaded Boy
A4 Another Girl Another Planet
A5 Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
A6 Girl In Black
A7 Last Bandit
A8 Everything I Want
A9 Heartbreak
B1 Debauchery
B2 Trail Of Tears
B3 How Come It Never Rains
B4 Billy Two Rivers
B5 How Could You Fall For A Drunk Like Me?
B6 Medicine Man
C1 Ballad Of The Bullet Proof Poet
C2 I Don’t Want You To Go
C3 Wait Until I’m Dead
C4 Dynamite Jet Saloon
C5 Satellite Kid
C6 I Wanna Be Like Errol Flynn
C7 Heroine
C8 Shootin Fast
D1 Dead Flowers
D2 Kiss This Joint
D3 The State I’m In
D4 Firework Girl
D5 The Kid From Kensington
D6 Honky Tonk Woman
D7 Satellite Kid
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DOG 21
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